Meet FLYY — Forward Learning Youth & Young Adults

FLYY offers two core wilderness services: a nationally distinctive wilderness expedition program and consulting services that help organizations develop or enhance their own wilderness programs.

Wilderness expeditions are highly valuable, as they offer a way to discover and develop one’s grit, resiliency, worth, and character. Our wilderness therapy program offers values-forming expeditionsparent skill development and support groups, and community-based services such as individual/family therapy, mentoring, and dispute resolution. Youth and families are provided with positive, asset-building experiences, and meaningful, supportive relationships to develop resilience, capacity, and coping skills in the face of various risk factors. By combining these elements, FLYY’s restorative justice based approach serves to prevent youth and young adults from becoming chronic offenders, substance abusers, truants and/or dropouts.

FLYY’s wilderness consulting services involve a combination of trainings, necessary written materials, and on-site mentoring that draw upon decades of experience of working with high-risk individuals, future leaders, and veterans within wilderness settings. This service provides full-scale wilderness program implementation that is customized to an organization’s mission and values.