Forward Learning Youth & Young Adults (FLYY) is a youth and family-serving nonprofit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. 

FLYY responds to issues faced by teens and families through its distinctive educational program design.  FLYY is best known for providing value-forming wilderness expeditions, parent skill development and support groups, and community-based aftercare (individual and family counseling, dispute resolution and communication skill building, and mentoring services.)  FLYY provides youth and families with positive, asset-building experiences, and meaningful, supportive relationships to develop resilience, capacity, and coping skills in the face of various risk factors.

By combining these elements, FLYY serves to prevent youth and young adults from becoming chronic offenders, substance abusers, truants and/or dropouts.  Many young people served by FLYY are marginalized, overlooked, and not effectively reached by or able to access existing community resources.

Limited availability for the final summer expedition!

This is a specialized wilderness program for teen females ages 14-18. 

Expedition#: BP7-1 Seven-day expedition
WHO: Teen Females, 14-18 years old 
TUITION: $2,100 per individual
PROGRAM DATES: 8/24/2016 through 8/30/2016
Launch: Course will begin at 3 Marsh Ct. Madison, WI 53718

***This expedition is geared towards females struggling with the following issues:  self-esteem, self-respect, self-worth, lack of necessary life skills (needed by adults to live healthy and fulfilling lives), trying to find hope and meaning in their lives, in need of healthy coping skills, body image, emotion management, unhealthy relationships, boundaries around social media and sexuality, and survivors of trauma. 

Teen Program:                       

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